Hang-gliding, paragliding and Fly Line



Flying above everything and everyone, feeling light and seeing things from a point that only a few can see.

Recently, the localities of the upper Val di Fassa have become more known, even abroad, as top stations for the practice of free flight, especially of hang-gliding and paragliding in Val di Fassa.

From the slopes of the Col Rodella and the Belvedere, many enthusiasts float every day, illuminating the blue sky with their maneuvering in an absolutely unique scenery, where the colors of nature, the green of the woods, the gray of the rocky peaks, the white of the snow on the Marmolada, the bright reds of the sunset mix with the colors of the sails, in an unusual peculiar rainbow.

The thrill of flying in this natural paradise is not for experts, but now even beginners can go for a fly, thanks to the two-seater paraglider which allows anyone who is, of course, brave to experience the thrill of flying in absolute safety accompanied by local instructors.


The Fly Line Catinaccio Rosengarten is an aerial route built in 2015 with a length of just over one kilometre secured to the trees in the forest.

With it, you have the opportunity to enjoy a six-minute descent journey completely suspended in the air. In order to ensure maximum safety, the staff will ensure that users wear a comfortable single-seat harness.

The Fly Line is suitable for all persons weighing between 20 and 120 kilograms, with no age limit. The entire system has also been installed using techniques designed to respect the vegetation and the environment as much as possible, for example, by using anchoring systems that do not hinder the natural growth of the plants.

The structure consists of a spiral-shaped steel tube attached to the trees by means of ropes, which blend in perfectly with nature. A self-braking trolley also runs on the tube, on which the passenger seats are attached.
The maximum speed corresponds to 15 kilometres per hour.

Young children can also travel together with their parents, as long as the set weight limits are adhered to.

How to get to the Fly Line

The starting point of the Fly Line is located near the Ciampedie Refuge (which can be reached by cable car from Vigo di Fassa), while the arrival point is located at Pian Pecei.
From here, you can return to Ciampedie by chairlift.
The Fly Line cannot be reached directly by car.

Fly Line timetables

The Fly Line is open every day according to the following times:

  • morning: from 9:00 am to 12:30 pm
  • afternoon: from 2:00 pm to 5:30 pm, except Saturdays and Sundays in June and September, plus every day from 1 July to 8 September.

It remains closed during the winter season.

As prices are subject to change, we recommend consulting the official website by clicking here.