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The Dolomites: a journey through nature, culture and history

All year round

White peaks and lush nature: this is the magic of the Dolomites!

Also known as the "Pale Mountains" for the light colour of the rocks, the Dolomites are so beautiful that they have been declared a UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site since 2009.

They extend over no less than 5 provinces and include well-known mountain groups such as the Sella, the Catinaccio, the Sciliar and the Marmolada with its 3,343 metre Punta Penia.

Countless paths, via ferratas and climbs on historic routes lead to the most beautiful Dolomite peaks.

The title of World Natural Heritage is also linked to a commitment to the highest level of protection and care of nature and landscape, preserving them for future generations.

There is nowhere else where such a mixture of steep rock massifs and gently sloping alpine pastures can be found. These contrasts in a small space reflect the development of a landscape that had its origins more than 200 million years ago. Where else in the world - if not here in the Catinaccio basin - can you climb from the sea floor, once 500 m deep, to the surface, the Catinaccio peak?

Come on holiday to the Val di Fassa and let us suggest the most beautiful and exciting trails to experience our beautiful Dolomites in an authentic way.