strada innevata



” Sinking into the soft snow, hear the crunch of the crystals that are fragmented , breaking the expanse of pristine white , which we pass almost with fear and excitement … makes us feel good ”

The Fassa Valley and the surrounding area also offers the opportunity to breathe a little ‘ spirit of adventure in direct contact with a wild and pristine winter landscape , full of silence and fresh air. Set amidst a snowy area boots with the feet or on the ” snowshoe ” as farmers and hunters at one time, you will rediscover the real taste of adventure you can admire beautiful wonders of nature and you will enjoy amazing views and unusual . All with the advantage that walking in the snow does not require any special knowledge or special skills.

The rackets of today , then, very comfortable, the excellent result of a technique refined for a long time : an attack mobile knife to the snow more compact and low weight ensure a comfortable and easy snowshoeing even in deep snow in the Dolomites of Val di Fassa.