snowboarder in aria



Flight to scream , giravoltole , somersaults , back side , flip , alley- oop , fly through the air and perform in beautiful places with adrenaline through the roof!

Snowboard lovers will have the Possibility to have fun on the slopes of Val di Fassa humps and steep sections , the white snow , the sun from morning to late afternoon and the unique view of the snowy peaks , fall in love all freestylers.

After a heavy snowfall , the slopes of the ski centers Belvedere , Buffaure and Ciampac , are the preferred destinations and the meeting point of the soft- snowboarder while the Lusia ski area and San Pellegrino offer a true paradise for the snowboarding community with the his new fun park together with the boardercross and halfpipe. But the top is the stunning track ” Gustaf Toni ” that from Ciampedie ( 2050 m) takes you to the center of Vigo di Fassa ( 1400 m): nerves firmly that part !


  • Alpe Lusia: snow park and boarder cross track;
  • Ski Area Belvedere: snow park with mega inflatable landing mattress;
  • Ski Area San Pellegrino: snow park and cross-country track with equipment and music;
  • Ski Area Carezza: snow park with bars, tools and music;
  • Ski Area Pampeago: snow park with half pipe.