Horse riding

bambini sul poni



“The fusion with the horse is total and immersion in nature evokes ancient times.”

Horseback riding in Val di Fassa is a unique emotion: mountains, forests, pure air, streams, what scenery can be better for a riding excursion in the Dolomites of Val di Fassa.

The options for excursions and horse riding in Val di Fassa vary: walks for a few hours, half-day, or even an excursion for the whole day at high altitude.

For children, there is the option to ride small ponies, and those who have never ridden on horseback can try riding in the paddock of the stables and then set forth into the woods of Val di Fassa accompanied by a guide.

This is a different option, which is also worth at least a visit to the stables, to learn more about the animal world.

The trip in a carriage

Both in summer and winter, the carriage ride is very suggestive and exciting, on the snow, or ice, or dirt road: sitting comfortably on the carriage, pulled by horses you feel a little retro and you can admire the best view.